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Welcome to the Vulcan Air Rifle Site. This site is intended for any users of air weapons, mainly rifles; and especially hunters. Most of the gun care etc. tips apply to spring or gas ram rifles (as I don't use pneumatics or pump up guns, and think that carbon dioxide guns are unsuitable for hunting- if you think I'm wrong, Mail Me and tell me so!), but the stalking tips etc. apply to everyone. I hope this site proves useful to beginners and more experienced airgunners. There is much more to air rifle hunting, tuning and so on than I have put on this site.  


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  Air Arms TX200HC

What it's all about! An Air Arms TX200 Hunter Carbine with walnut stock

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Minor tweaks and updates, more to follow.


The Vulcan Air Rifle Site has been re-homed!

Due to the sad demise of the domain, the Vulcan Air Rifle Site now has its own server at! This should be reliable and blisteringly fast. Please spread the word, and update your bookmarks and any links you had to the old site. 


Once again, I'd like to be able to update the site. So, if this page has proved useful to you, and you would like to see it updated and maintained, please click on any relevant looking ads below. If you want to e-mail me a question, include your ip address in the e-mail to me- this will guarantee preferential treatment. 


I haven't had the time to do updates recently, as you have no doubt all noticed. The reason for this is that it takes a long time to create the updates and add them, and I am currently busy working, studying and replying to your e-mails! (If you haven't been replied to yet, please be patient, I am replying as fast as I can). In order to guarantee frequent, useful updates, extra pages and so on, plus faster responses to e-mails, I am considering possibly charging for accessing this site. This could be done in two ways- either make it a members only site and charge people for membership, or have additional detailed info in a members area, or, and this is my preferred option, set up a Paypal account so that I can accept donations from people who find the site, or my responses to their e-mails, useful. But, before I consider this any further, I thought I should ask you all what you think of the idea. 

So, my question is: Would you consider paying a nominal fee, of your choice, (you pay what you think the information is worth, probably not more than say 0.50) for the information on the site and in my e-mails, plus also me supplying frequent updates, more useful information, contact lists for hunters and those needing pest control, useful e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, fast e-mail responses, etc. etc. Creating and running a website is time consuming and hard work, and it is difficult to keep doing it, at the expense of other ventures, without some renumeration. 

Please send me any thoughts you have on this potential proposal here. If any companies, websites etc. or even individuals would like to sponsor this webpage, please e-mail me here


Further updates to stalking, ammunition and sights pages. I am creating a readers' tips page, and also a calibre choice page as so many of you have e-mailed me questions about which calibre to chose. 


General updates and maintenance. Got rid of the no longer working hover buttons, restored the welcome page after the server refused to accept all of it. Oh yeah, and I won a Golden Web Award. Woohoo! 


I am selling a secondhand CP88 6" nickel (competition) CO2 pistol, plus 40 umarex CO2 capsules, 500 Air Arms CO2 pellets, 2 magazines, tools, instructions and a hard case. Gun is 1 month old, only selling to finance another rifle! Make me an offer here.

Also selling a Pentium 3 450 MHZ computer. For further details go here.


General updates and maintenance.


Stances page updated.


Apologies to those whose e-mails I haven't replied to recently- I suffered a hard drive crash which wiped half my inbox. Please resend any to which I didn't reply- I will always reply if I can! 


Put up a better version of Airgun Calculation Converter, now only 11KB and works just the same! Go to the downloads page. I will try to do more regular updates- if anyone has any requests for pages or anything, mail me. At present constructing a target page...


Night hunting page is now (finally) up! 


I am looking for a second hand Air Arms TX200 Hunter Carbine or Pro Elite in .177 calibre. If you are looking to sell/ know anyone who is selling or just want to comment on either of these guns, please mail me


I know, I know, I haven't done anything for ages, exams should finally be over in a month or so and then I'll do some updates. Please keep sending me your stuff, I will do a page of targets etc. one day. By the way, is no longer one of my e-mail addresses- please don't send things to it. Use instead.


Good hunting!!

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